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Modernizing prosthetic Design

UX Design | Engineering | Product Design | 2023

As a UIUX designer, I actively collaborated with cross-functions to be responsible for and efficiently completed Universal Studios' September loyalty system, gift card production, Halloween event planning, and visual design.



Visual + Motion + UX Designer


January 2022- September 2022


Clark Jin _ UX Designer
Jenny Li 
_ UX Designer

Special Thanks

Rony Castro
(Costa Rica tour guide)

Project Overview

Wildlife tourism accounts for 20-40% of global tourism. Take Costa Rica, for example, which is one of the 20 most biodiverse countries in the world. Many tourists travel to Costa Rica to see wildlife; however, many visitors' expectations of seeing animals are not fulfilled due to a lack of expertise in wildlife locations. This also happens in other national parks around the world.

How Might We Create fun, engaging, and knowledgable wildlife spotting experiences for the wildlife lover.

User Research

While traveling in Costa Rica, one of our team members found that guided tours are one of the most common activities that tourists choose when visiting Costa Rica. Our members took multiple guided tours and found that the tour experience was very different for those who hired a guide and those who did not.

We conducted field research, interviewed key stakeholders, and sent out a digital survey to gain an understanding of the addiction space.

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